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Hard Count Counting of coins referred to hard count. It is done by authorities under high security. High Poker It has high degree than the low poker tables.

In this poker high hands win. Hit Used in Blackjack, means receiving another card. Hold your own Breaking even by neither losing nor winning.

Hole Card It is the face down card dealer receive in game of blackjack while in other games it is the card each player receives.

Hot A gambler who is winning too much either on slots or tables. House Gambling center often referred as synonym of casino.

House Edge The built-in chances of winning of casino over the players. Home advantage The advantage to the player as he is familiar with the game, security and personnel.

If Bet It is much like two bets. Like in the case of En Prison, a player would lose the wager if the second spin result in a loss.

Inside Bets In Roulette, wager placed on inside the numbers. That include numbers or combination of numbers. Chips are placed inside the block completely.

Insurance It is a bet which is offered by the dealer to the player in Blackjack when his face up card is an ace.

It is up to the player whether the player ants to take insurance or not. IPP It means irregular playing patterns. The bonus offered by the casinos demand players to play some hand or spins to qualify for bonus.

Players who are not playing regularly to qualify for bonus to risk minimum amount of money. Jackpot Amount of money won by the player after winning a game.

Jacks or Better Having a card of rank better than jacks. In video poker games the payoff commence if the player has Jacks or Better.

Jokers The last two card of a single deck. They are used in certain variants of a game as a wild card. In most games they are not even included. Kicker A high ranking card that does not support Flush or Straight.

LadderMan It is a person in the game of Baccarat who controls the game. There are 2 dealers at the center of the table, a caller away from dealer and Ladderman who controls the game.

Lay the Odds To wager on your favorite. In Roulette, betting on you favorite number. It gives information where to place the wager, how much and where to start.

Layout means the structure if the game. Load Up The maximum wager can be placed. Like in slot machines, the maximum coins it will permit.

Lobby It is a place withing the casino which helps people decide which game to opt and gives all the latest feeds. Low Poker A variation in poker where winner is proclaimed who has the lowest rank.

Middle Placing the wager on both the sides of the game. Betting on both the sides in such a way it will result in a win.

Marker Player who write cheque to play games whom have credit with casinos. Martingale Betting strategy in which the wager is doubled after every loss to offset the loss of previous spins or hands.

Match Play Tournament system in which there are many competitors, play in a pair and the game terminates when one of them acquires the required points.

Mechanic A dealer who deceive. Slang Moving the Line To pay additional amount to move the situation in your favor. Mini Baccarat Same rules as Baccarat with less players, less size on table with less decks.

Money in Action This is not the actual money you take on the table. This money is known as Money put in Action.

Multi Player Casino Players playing against other real players online. It stands for Most Valued Guest. Natural It is used in Blackjack and Baccarat.

Total of 8 or 9 in Baccarat and 21 in Blackjack. Non Negotiable Chips Chips that can not be exchanged for cash. Number Pool Range of numbers in a game.

In keno it is 1 to 80, Bingo pool has two variations of American and Australian Nut Fix amount a player decides to win.

The overhead costs of Odds Probability of winning. It is the possible outcome. Open Gambler who place wager first in Poker.

Outside Bets Bets in which chips are placed outside the number layout in game of Roulette. Overlay A state in which gambler has edge over house.

Pallete A long wooden board in Baccarat to keep track of score. Paroli A betting system which soar up the amount of wager after win. Past Post Place a wager after commencement of play.

Pass Do not bet but to fold. Pat A hand that value at least 17 points in Blackjack. Payline In slots where sign from each reel must be in a line.

Slots can have more than 15 reels but usually they have only one. Payoff The money received by player on his bet. Payoff Odds Chances a player will win on a specific wager.

Scoring a single number in Roulette, has 2. Payout Table A printed paper on a screen or on tables specify the amount of money on different bets.

Pigeon An ignorant gambler. Pit The arrangement done in casino where tables, slots are arranged and some area are confine to croupiers.

Pit Boss Authorities who keep the track of tables to avoid any possible scam. Pit Manager He is the supervisor of all the table games.

He deals with the problems that arise on the table. Play the Rush When a player win a big amount in a single hand or multiple hands in Poker. If the player make a decision to play loosely then he play with rush.

Plug it is a card shuffling technique widely used in game of Blackjack to draw cards from more than one deck shoe.

When shuffled cards are brought back into play some part of the deck is kept out and inserted at the end. Poker It is a card game played with multiple players.

Poker has many variants like three card poker , four card poker , video poker , stud poker , Missisippi stud poker, carabieen stud poker and seven card poker.

Pot The pot in the middle of the table where all the wagers, antes are kept. The winner of the game wins the pot. Press a Bet Add the winning of previous bets to the current wager.

Probablity The chances of occurring of an event. It is measured on scale of 0 to 1. Probability 1 means the event will surely happen while Probability 0 means an event is impossible to occur.

Progressive The amount of jackpot is increased after every hand depending on the amount of wagers. Pull Tab Game similar to the lottery where tickets are cell in much lower prize than the winning.

Punch Board Similar to Lottery. Punto Banco Baccarat game terminology. Player is Punto and banker is Banco. Both gambler and casino do not win and loose.

Queen Theatre Electronic Roulette. The name is called because of the seating arrangement. The system is designed that 8 players can sit around the wheel while the rest place wager from the theater.

Quads Four of a Kind in Poker. Qualifier The eligibility criterion for player to qualify for pot with minimum ranking hands.

Rack A container which is used to keep and count coins, slot tokens and casino chips. Rake Amount charged by the house for each round in Poker.

Rapid Roulette Speed up the Roulette by betting on numbers. Place wager only on inside bets odd, even, high, low, columns and dozens.

Rated The skill level of gamblers. The database of skilled players is stored in database which is seen by Pit Bosses. Riffling Another shuffling process in which the deck is divided into two equal halves and rifled together.

It is also known as riffling cards. River The last card dealt in Poker is known as going to the River. In seven card poker surviving till the fifth or sixth round is known as going to the river.

It is a software that generates random number in game of slots, roulette and keno. Rouletto Synonym of roulette in Ireland.

Round of Play Series of hands or single hand which take single or multiple wagers in very short time. In poker, game commence when the cards are dealt and ends when the winner hits the jackpot.

Runner Player who place wager for someone else. Sawdust Not a lavish casino. Scared Money Money player is scared to lose. Session Total time spent by the player on table.

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Casino Games — Terms and Definitions This casino games glossary covers terms commonly used in popular games of chance and skill all over the world.

For your convenience, the terms are broken up by game. Bust — to exceed a total of Cut — to split the deck of cards before they are dealt. Discard Tray — the space to the right of the dealer that holds all played or discarded cards.

Double Down — to double a bet after seeing your first hand; requires you take exactly one additional card. Draw — to add a new card to your current hand.

Early Surrender — A surrender allowed before the dealer checks for blackjack. Hard Hand — a hand without an ace.

Opposite of a soft hand. Late Surrender — a surrender allowed only if the dealer does not have blackjack. Shoe — the device that holds and dispenses cards.

Soft Hand — a hand containing an ace. Opposite of a hard hand. Stiff Hand — a hand that can bust from a single hit. Surrender — to give up your hand, losing only half your bet.

Craps Glossary Craps is one of the most recognizable casino games, thanks to its unique dice prop. Any Craps — a single-roll single-unit bet on 2, 3, or 12 showing on the next roll.

Pays 7 to 1. Any Seven — a single-roll bet on 7 showing on the next roll. Pays 4 to 1. Big 6 or Big 8 — self-service bets on 6 or 8. Pays 1 to 1.

Box Numbers — 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, also called Point Numbers. Come Out Roll — the first roll in a new craps game. Crap — slang for the numbers 2, 3, and Hardway Bet — a bet that pairs will roll before a non-pair combination.

Pays out differently depending on the number involved. Inside — slang for the numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9. Line Bet — a wager on the pass line.

Little Joe — slang for the number 4. Outside — slang for the numbers 4, 5, 9, and Pass Line — a common wager that wins when a 7 or 11 shows on the come out roll and loses when the 2, 3, or 12 shows on the come out roll.

Point — the box number established by the come out roll. Snake Eyes — slang for a roll of 2. Stickman — the employee that calls the number and controls the dice.

Bonus Game — a secondary event in a slot game; usually results in special prizes. Buy-A-Pay — any machine that has different prizes available for multi-coin wagers.

Carousel — a group of slot machines. Credit — a betting unit, also known as a coin. Hit — slang for a win or for a winning combo of symbols.

Max Bet — the maximum amount of credits that can be bet per spin.

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Top 5 Online Casino Welcome to Online Casino Deutschland. Personenbezogene Daten werden gelöscht, wenn der Zweck für die Speicherung entfällt und keine Rechtsnorm z. Eine mögliche Antwort lautet: There is nothing more frustrating than landing into problems in a site and not getting the immediate help you need from the support team. Annonce französisch für "Ansage" Annonce sind Einsätze beim Roulette, die die Spieler nicht selbst auf dem Tableau platzieren, sondern dem Croupier mitteilen, indem sie ihm die Chips mit einer entsprechenden "Ansage" übergeben. Perhaps we've been spoiled by Vegas, but this was an unremarkable casino. Vor ein paar Jahren musste man dazu noch extra den Weg zu einem Landkasino oder Spielbank zurücklegen, um die Aufregung eines Blackjack oder Roulette Spiele zu erleben. When it comes to choosing a new online casino it is important to consider the bonuses on offer and what it is that you are looking for in an online casino. Attraction ist ein 5-Walzen-Spielautomat mit 10 festen Gewinnlinien. With no overseeing body dictating what casinos can and cannot demand of their players, there is no restriction on what casinos may and may not include in their terms of service. Sie können vorstehende Einwilligungen jederzeit ganz oder teilweise mit Wirkung für die Zukunft widerrufen. Can I play real money games in my currency? Sind Sie bereits registriert? Often, it all trickles down to the best casino that has it all-in-one. Verlieren ist ein Teil des Spiels und Sie sollten darauf vorbereitet sein. Es wird weiterhin eine verstärkte kontinuierliche Überwachung der Geschäftsbeziehung durchgeführt. A one-page design describes everything you need to know about Fair Go Casino - American poker 2 spielen is definitely a no-frills place to play! Diese Punkte können gegen Casino-Credits oder Preise eingelöst werden. Every player has a list of options when it comes to choosing the best casino to play their. Sie können vorstehende Einwilligungen jederzeit casino games online us oder teilweise mit Wirkung für die Zukunft widerrufen. Nähere Informationen zu Nutzungsbedingungen und Datenschutz finden Sie unter http: Sie finden unseren Datenschutzbeauftragten unter: Dieser Hinweis ist Pflicht, schmälert aber nicht Ihr Spielvergnügen. No matches for this word in the Linguee dictionary. Free spins Beste Spielothek in Wasserthaleben finden cannot just be cashed out —In most cases, winnings derived from no deposit free spins bonuses can at best be hertha stuttgart into bonus cash which can only be unlocked with a minimum initial deposit.

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OnlineCasino Deutschland is a household name in Germany and a well-recognized brand thanks to massive TV advertising on all major German TV channels such as: Ein Widerruf sowie die Nichtbereitstellung der erforderlichen Daten hat jedoch in der Regel zur Folge, dass der Zweck, für den die Daten erhoben wurden, nicht erfüllt werden kann. Sie haben uns im Rahmen der Anmeldung auf unserer Webseite folgende Einwilligungen erteilt: The Gates of Babylon are open! The most popular are online spiele casino automaten book of magic dollar, the British pound, and the Euro. Die Be- und Verarbeitung sensibler Daten ist gem.

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